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Amanda Harrison: Lightbulb Moments Coaching

Work with an executive, leadership and personal coach with over 25 years experience - let me help you change your life!

Start making your career, mental health, ambitions, and dreams a reality - make YOU a priority!

I am a member of EMCC and abide by the Global Code of Ethics.


I'm Amanda Harrison


I help professional people, across both the public and private sector, to manage stress and clear the constant white noise which causes indecision, anxiety, unhappiness and stress.

I will help you to make the decisions that make your life more productive, happier and in control. 

My role is to take a person centred approach, adapting to your needs at any given moment, and working with you to plot a route that works for you to achieve your goals and aims. 

Through open, honest reflection and questioning, I help you to make the right decision for you and to understand why you react in a particular way.

Together, we will work on strategies to bring clarity to the decisions you make, we will work towards specific goals, support your leadership development and your personal growth, and allow you to see impact.

Providing Everything You Need - Just How You Need It!

We Build Packages Which Are Bespoke To You. 

Here are some examples ...

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 Happy Clients

After seeing an advert on FB I contacted Amanda for a 20 minute session. By the end of this, it was clear to me I would like to work with her. The lines "If you want someone to just tell you you are amazing, you are speaking to the wrong person. I will ask challenging questions, work with you,  support and coach you to get you to where you want to be." Yes that is what I wanted.  Although, I really didn't know where I wanted to be. 


I suffer with anxiety had never had a clear career path and been a deputy for 5 years. I felt in limbo and didn't know what I wanted. I didnt hate my job but knew that staying doing what I was doing indefinitely wasn't healthy physically or mentally. 


We talked about outcomes... I wanted to know if it was education, the school I was in or something else that was making me anxious and finding the job a real challenge with fewer of the joys of the job shining through. Coming from an educational background, Amanda obviously understood. 


Our first session, Amanda clearly laid out that she can't give the answers to anything but identified my lack of confidence as the barrier to moving forwards. At the end of the session she said the target was that by the end of the academic year I would have thr confidence and self belief to be able to make the decision myself. 


It wasn't an easy year, with many ups and downs professionally and personally but I listened and did exactly what I was advised to do. I developed the confidence to make the decision to not go on to be a Headteacher and realise that this did not make me a failure, but was a strength to know what I wanted for me and my family in the future. 


From there on, Amanda supported me with many things, depending on my need on the days we met, and to prepare me for interviews and presenting to other professionals (my feet are now firmly planted). 


As of September, I will be embracing a new advisory role. It is the first time I have enjoyed an interview and believed what I was saying about myself. I am starting to see what others see in me. 


I know the change will be a challenge and I still need to work on believing "I can", but I have the skills to do this more effectively now. Part way through my journey, friends started commenting on me seeming happier, I now speak up and reach out rather than trying to just do it all myself and I am managing to let things go at work rather than dwelling on my (often self percieved) mistakes. I don't respond with "I'm fine" automatically. Yes, I still get anxious but I am seeing the value in looking after myself for myself and so I can be there fully for those around me (colleagues, friends and family). 


Working with Amanda has changed me professionally and personally. I can't thank her enough for this.

(L Broadly Deputy Head)

Alexa Young, CA

Amanda was an incredibly useful leadership mentor.  Through her coaching methods, she was able to probe into decisions and make me reflect on my practices.  Her advice helped me to make good decisions, and know that these had come to me through the process of self reflection.  Amanda is not afraid to challenge you to really interrogate your own practice, but this challenge is always followed by thorough support. Amanda is incredibly knowledgeable of leadership strategies, and uses her experience to help you improve your practice. It was a great opportunity to work with Amanda, and to learn from her. (AB - Deputy Head)
Amanda helped me overcome ‘self doubt’ as a female leader.  At the start of the session I rated myself as 5/10 in terms of being likely to achieve my goal but by the end this changed to  9/10. The fact that I could be honest at the start was down to the rapport I built each session. I felt the sessions were close to a miracle! I left feeling that I did not need to be perfect. Questioning was effective and targeted and clearly aimed and planned from the previous session. Amanda gave me choices for a ranking activity based on my previous week's answers and whilst I could and did add to these, this reduced my cognitive load which helped me focus and get to deeper answers, Questioning took me out of my comfort zone whilst maintaining a feeling of safety and security. Whilst the questioning was planned, Amanda clearly adapted her questioning in response to my questions and answers. As female leader looking for my first CEO role, I wholly recommend Amanda. Worth every penny! (LRR)

As a new CEO, I inherited a senior team that was not clear on their purpose and did not work effectively together. Amanda worked with us on a clear and structured programme that made a significant and sustained impact. I cannot recommend her work enough. We have gone from strength to strength. Thank you, Amanda.


Amanda is a fantastic coach.  She will challenge you to believe in yourself and be at least ‘ten percent braver’.  It is refreshing to see a woman working to promote and bring the best out of other women.  She always makes time and is open and honest. She helped me to laugh and learn from areas I felt were failures and this left me feeling empowered to move forward. Amanda is kind but honest and reflective.  Amanda will empower you to be the best version of yourself.

Devid Ferguson

As CEO, I have felt of late that I was struggling to find my motivation and needed to implement some very significant change management within my company and senior leadership team. This required me to be clear about my motivation and the goals I wanted to achieve. Working with Amanda has made me see the way forward and re-energised me. The effect on the process of change has gone smoothly and output and impact have been significant as a result. I will certainly work with Amanda again whenever I need direction, a clear head or just to improve culture and performance. Thank you, Amanda. I look forward to working with you again very soon.

John Dolben

Amanda coached me as part of a Senior Leader Development Programme and I am grateful for her support and advice. I am a Curriculum Leader and Associate Assistant Head Teacher at a large secondary school. Amanda provided me with the support to effectively transition between the middle and senior leader levels. She is refreshingly honest and open about her experiences as a Head Teacher, giving a clear insight into the issues that will be faced at a senior leadership level. However, she also provides guidance on how to navigate these issues. What I found especially helpful was that rather than giving me solutions to problems I was facing she guided me to find the solutions for myself. She also made me think introspectively about what it is I needed to do to improve, which at times was challenging but ultimately led to me becoming more empowered and better equipped for making decisions in the future. I am grateful for all the support I received from her and would wholeheartedly recommend working with her.
coaching mentoring lightbulub moment

My client's describe me as an insightful and transformative coach and mentor who brings knowledge, motivation and challenges to the table. My approach to coaching and mentoring is founded on integrity, genuine care and a willingness to think outside the box. I am an expert of cutting through the white noise and getting to the heart of the issue with clarity and understanding.

Working with Amanda has been such a great experience. Although I have been in leadership for quite some time, I felt quite nervous going into the process, but Amanda was amazing and very quickly established a strong rapport and made me feel very comfortable. I received 1:1 coaching in preparation for a leadership interview, and it was clear to me that the session was tailored specifically to me and the role I had applied for. Amanda had gone through my covering letter and the job advert ahead of our first session. This remained clear in our sessions as she was so knowledgeable about my skill sets and the type of questions I may come across - this saved me hours of ‘useless’ preparation! Amanda taught me how to structure answers so that they are articulated well but in a clear, concise way.  She skilfully asked me lots of thought-provoking questions and challenged my ideas which in turn enabled me to reflect on my experiences and really think about what I wanted from my future role. Following on from my mock interview with Amanda, I felt so confident and had a real ‘buzz’ ready for the actual interview. My whole approach to the interview process had shifted to such a positive place and I feel this came across on the day of my interview – I blew the panel away, particularly the CEO! I am so eternally grateful to Amanda for being such an amazing coach and I wish I had been brave enough to invest in myself sooner. Thank you so much Amanda.  

Our Individual Coaching service provides personalized, one-on-one guidance tailored to your individual goals. Our experienced coaches will draw on their extensive leadership experience to help you develop the skills you need to excel in your career. Through our coaching process, you will gain confidence, clarity, and a positive outlook on the future.

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